Quality Control

Excellence in safety and quality is a key priority for Dawi Oil, the company is pledged to suppy Quality assured Products and gain maximum customer satisfaction.



To ensure the utmost operational efficiency, and customer Satisfaction the most advanced facilities are installed, 30000 MT storages and micro filter pump system.



To maintain the highest international standards, Dawi Oil strictly adheres to the guidelines endorsed by (IATA), for Aviation Fuel Quality Control and Operating Procedures.


Aviation Fuel Forum

Dawi Oil Ltd got the honor of Gold Sponsorship at The bi-annual IATA Aviation Fuel Forum which will be held in Dubai on 18 - November 20, 2014.


Dawi Oil ltd.

Dawi Oil Ltd is a branch of Dawi Group of Companies operating as a leading aviation fuel distributor across Afghanistan’s Airports. Dawi Group in addition to fuel business has been in many businesses including construction, agriculture; trading and Duty Free Shops.
Dawi Oil Ltd has heavily invested in jet fuel storage facilities as well as distributing facilities with the advance technology and professional staff. The company has assembled with new facilities and advanced technology equipment across the country.
Aviation industry, an epitome of perfection, excellence and performance! It has no place for substitutes. To be a supplier to such an industry demands stringent quality specifications. Based in Afghanistan, Dawi Oil Ltd is a proud fuel supplier to the aviation industry. That speaks for itself about the quality and competitiveness of its products.
Trusted globally for all kinds of fuel needs, Dawi Oil Ltd provides high quality fuel services to commercial carriers, corporate organizations and governmental entities at most competitive prices.

We also provide a full range of fuel and fuel-related services to airlines and airports in Afghanistan including:

      •  Into-plane  refueling
      •  Airport  fuel storage management and operation
      •  Airfield  fuel management systems
      •  Airport  hydrant fuel system maintenance and operation
      •  Fuel  storage and hydrant system engineering and design
      •  Environmental  audits and assessments
      •  Refueling  vehicle design
      •  Training  in fuelling operations
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